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ADFER is currently looking to recruit dedicated graduate or undergraduate students to work on research projects related to terrestrial ecosystem restoration and management. Prospective students should feel free to get in touch but please include a brief statement of research interests/questions and a C.V. that details your GPA and GRE scores. Current priority areas for recruitment include post-wildfire restoration and the use of prescribed fire as a management tool.


Current students and researchers

Post-doctoral Researchers

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students
Johnathan King

Johnathan King (Environment and Natural Resources Honors Program; 2017-present)
Johnathan is interested in the effect of restoration on wildlife populations and avian and mammal habitat utilization. Currently Johnathan has been assisting with our research in Bolivia where he studied the effect of disturbance from cattle grazing and forest modification on nocturnal birds and mammals.

Research Assistants

  • Katie Gaffney: Katie is an SENR BS student and is currently working on our "MORE Ohio Pawpaw project". She perviously helped with fieldwork for "PRO Peat Bog"
  • Chelsea Cancino: Chelsea is an SENR BS student and is helping with fruit quality analysis for "MORE Ohio Pawpaw"

Committee Memberships
Matt is on the thesis committees of the following OSU graduate students:

  • Tania Burgos-Hernandez (PhD student; SENR - soil science specialization)
    • Investigating the soil quality and carbon balance of Ohio State University soils
  • Andrew Lybbert (PhD student; EEOB)
    • Evaluation of temporal dynamics and non-native plant effects on pollination networks, floral resource availability, and plant-pollinator restoration efforts on reclaimed strip mine landscapes
  • Ryan McCarthy (PhD student; EEOB)
    • Do intraspecific interactions vary over time? Spatial demography of Ambrosia dumosa and the Stress Gradient Hypothesis
  • Camilo Rey-Sanchez (PhD student; Environmental Science Graduate Program)
    • Vegetation and disturbance controls on greenhouse gas fluxes from Ohio's peat bogs


Former advisees at The Ohio State University

Other lab alumni

  • Ashley Fox: UG Environmental Science - Research Credit (2016 - 2017): Woodland pawpaw production
  • Katie Gaffney: UG Environmental Science - Research Assistant (2017): PRO Peat Bog
  • Alyssa Jones: UG Environmental Science - Research Credit (2015 - 2016): Woodland pawpaw production

Committee memberships

A list of those who worked with me at the University of Glasgow

  • Andy Bates: MSc Student (Co-advisor) - A Protocol for georeferencing historical estate maps and assessing their utility in mapping landscape change
  • Francois Bienvenu: MSc Student (Co-advisor) - Improving multifunctional landscape planning practices: Insh Marshes Nature Reserve
  • Julien Bodart: Research Technician - Effects of stock removal on upland vegetation (Borders Forest Trust; 2013)
  • Sophie Brett: Research Technician - Ecosystem effects of severe wildfires (NERC; 2012 - 2013)
  • Ciara Corcoran: Teaching Garden Technician
  • Rut Domenech Jardi: Post-Doctoral Research Assisstant - Ecosystem effects of severe wildfires (NERC; 2011 - 2013)
    • Currently a research scientist at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia
  • Andrew Hally: Honours Student - The effect of afforestation and restoration on peatland soil moisture
  • Sophie Philbrick: Research Technician - Ecosystem effects of severe wildfires (NERC; 2012)
  • Emily Taylor: Research Technician - Ecosystem effects of severe wildfires (NERC; 2012 - 2013)
    • Currently lead researcher on land-management practice at the Crichton Carbon Centre
  • Gregor Wilson: Honours Student - Is there a relationship between riparian broadleaved woodland cover and water quality?