Cyrsiau - Teaching

In the School of Environment and Natural Resources Matt currently teaches:

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At the University of Glasgow Matt taught the following courses:

  • Earth System Science
  • Research Methods for Environmental Scientists
  • Energy: Options for Sustainability
  • Restoration Ecology Field Course
  • Honours degree research projects

Matt has also provided introductory training in R for faculty and graduate students

Introduction to Data Analysis in R

R is amazing! It is a totally free package for statistical computing and graphics. The R language is widely used among statisticians and environmental scientists. It has a huge range of add-ons and is massively flexible - if there's something you want to do, chances are R can do it. It is however scary to learn - it took me years and some very good, patient instruction to learn the few bits I know. This seminar was designed to pass on the basics and was developed for University of Glasgow colleagues in the Social Sciences.